Sunday, 11 September 2011

I'm part of Javanese..but I'm not fom Java, Indonesia

A very good day to all my friends. Here, I want to share something my family. As all of you known that I am from Selangor. Both my hometown (kampong) were at Selangor too. My mother’s is at Meru, Klang while my father’s is at Bt. 10, Banting. What I’m going to tell here is that actually both my parents were Javanese and they is speaking Java language still they were young. Maybe, I can speak this language too. Here, I want to tell you a short story of the simple history about both my Java family.

This is one of the picture where all of our big family gathered together

Well, let starts with my mother’s family tree. great-great grandfather actually was one of the Kiyai in Indonesia. That’s why my aunt and uncle was been sent there for further studies in Islamic Religion. Pesantren Darul Najah. They were still young when they were sent there. They had a very struggle living there. As the results, they are an ustaz and ustazah now. That was just a part of my mother’s family tree.

Next, my father’s family tree is not exactly known because my great grandfather was dead earlier and my father never had a chance to ask him about the family tree. I just know that he is a Javanese and lived in Bt. 10, Banting and most of the area in Banting monopolized to the Javanese. He3..

Here some dialogue of Java language that I’d learnt before. I just want to share to all..

Me: Assalamualaikum…kabare?

(Peace be upon are you?)

Uncle Sukar: Waalaikumussalam..waras. Jenenge sopo?

(Peace be upon you too..I’m fine. What’s your name?)

Me: Jengene Alif wak..

(Uncle, My name is Alif..)

Uncle Sukar: Oo..Alif, anok e Noor yo? Belajar nang di?

(Oo..Alif, Noor’s son right? Where do you study at?)

Me: Yo wak..aku belajar nang uia wak. Kat PJ. Kesuwon wak.

(Uncle, I am Noor’s son. Now, I’m studying at UIAPJ. Thank you.)

Uncle Sukar: Samema won.

(You’re welcome)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Wow, wonderful!

my uncle sang the song of raya ^^
Recently, many bloggers posting about interracial marriange...every authors give their best opinion and share their stories about this, it's true MANY blogger outside there posting about interracial marriange..?actually, I really mean only the authors of this blog excited to write it( English Stop Corner)..haha.why?if didn't post they couldn't sign the attendance right?^^


ok,enough with nonsense talk...

Same with my friends, I do not want to be like 'a frog under a shell' ( direct transalate from google traslate) i must post too!

Actually, "mixed marriages in Malaysia are not anomolous in society today ", this is form of exogamy ( marrying outsideof one's racial group ) so here the story of my aunty to prove the statement .

My aunt name is Siti Yusma Yong,40 and she lived in Semenyih, Selangor. I confident that you could detect her race right? From the word Yong actually. She told me stand for the name of his descendents. So what ? So she is chinese maa. She converted to Islam after she fell in love with my uncle En. Badrul Nizam. They met each other when study at university ( I'm sorry, if forgot to ask which university ). What attract her to my uncle is only two factors, it's his attitude and life style !

For your information, my uncle didn't realized that my aunt really like him because she didn't declare yet ( it's normal la to woman right ). But, when my aunt noticed many girls talk about him, she must make a move. She must! It's compulsory to her! She really like him A LOT !. A part from that, now she start to smile, greet, and so on!haha

Lastly, seeds of love growing in uncle's heart and he start to like her. Not just because she care about him, but my aunt is very honest and trustworthy person. As a summarized, he decided to marry her and ask her to convert to Islam. Alhamdulillah, with all of His blessings, they built their 'palace' on 27/11/19** and have 3 children, Nur Syafiqah, Amir, and Farahana.


Oh, enough with romantic story (^_^)

So, do you see people, although they are different in races and culture it's not obstacle to them to unite and live as a happy family. This gives enough evidence taht multiracial in our country become common and accepted by our society. Congaratulations to them with postive thinking!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

my best grandparents...n_n

hey all are you...hope still in mood happy....i think no late if i want to said eid mubarak to all of i want to share with you about my grandparents story...firstly,i shy to ask them but i try to hide my shy and ask them how they can married even they are  in different religion...for your information,my grandfather are from johor and he is an Indian people.Then i ask my grandfather why he convert to islam.hehehe...then he said he convert to islam just because he want to married with my grandmother.They meet when my grandfather try to looking and search stipendary...                                      

my grandmother at that time is from a poor family,because of that my grandmother accept to be a stipendary for my grandfather...then after a several grandfather fall in love with my grandmother..until now,they have 13 childs,7 boys and 6 girls.All of their child now success in their live...for me,eventhough how my grandparents meets each other are funny but whatever can be.,just close believes destiny...i think that all can i story to always and happy also...n_n

                                          my grandfaher look like have a problem...hehe

Sunday, 4 September 2011



hye! see you again! this time i will post about my friend's multiracial family... his name is syahidd and he was my roommate in my former school. her father is indian man and her mother is malay woman... but how they can unite together even both of them is different in race and culture? so, i ask my friend to share about his parent...

mr. haniff (his father) is from kuantan, pahang... while her mother is from gombak... they met each other at university of malaya when her father did his degree in business and management while her mother did her medic...
mr. haniff convert to islam after he done his degree... he married her beloved wife and had 3 children, syafiqq al-hakim, syahidd al-hatim and syafiqah sakina az-zahra... and now this happy family lives happily at gombak... mr. haniff now is a businessman while his wife is a doctor.

although they are different in race and culture but they can live as a family... see their eid's picture? looks sporting right? this show that multiracial in malaysia now become more better and have accepted by our community...

post by - azizi :)

Interracial Marriage

Hello everybody..!!!
Today I would like to talk about interracial marriage especially in Malaysia. I have make a few research about this topic. 

My friends,
Actually, mixed marriages are not anomalous in Malaysian society today. Generally, people do accept mixed marriage can enrich the culture in society and strengthen relations between communities.
However, there are also some people think mixed marriages leads to various problems in the future until it reached a divorce.

Allah had highlighted about this in Holy Quran :
O man! We have created you male and female, and made ​​you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other. Verily the most honored of you with Allah is the most righteous of you. Surely Allah is Knower, Aware.
(Surah al-Hujurat,49-verse13).

From my readings...there are a few benefits in interracial marriage
1) children can master more than one language like  malay,tamil,hokkien and other.
2)In scientific terms to say that mixed marriages will produce a generation of geniuses.

In fact, there are too many benefits in interracial marriage. but i think i will stop here. Thank you for reading my post and 'Selamat Hari Raya'.

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come on my story..

During eid, i asked my grandfather to tell me a story about his experience.he laughed.then,he has started his story,

"As a child, I lived in the village near a village mostly inhabited by descendants of citizens of India and several families of Chinese families who worked on the estate nearby.There is a shop in the village,alwayst visited by people from our village.Besides,the shop sell daily necessities, it also has a place to drink tea (the tarik not known yet at that time) and eat bakar.In other word,he shop is a place where we (means that all of villagers)Actually,in this moment,we are interact each other without differentiate our races.Although at the time no longer have slogan "1 malaysia" for unity,but it already exist in our life by its matter what happen,we are united to solve it know ,in man's lfe.there are instincts that are made with the nature of goodwill and friendship and want to befriend to others like what required by God Almighty in order to know the other who coming from the difference people and descent .all nations has felt the impulse.then,my grandfather stop here.that's all.