Thursday, 8 September 2011

my best grandparents...n_n

hey all are you...hope still in mood happy....i think no late if i want to said eid mubarak to all of i want to share with you about my grandparents story...firstly,i shy to ask them but i try to hide my shy and ask them how they can married even they are  in different religion...for your information,my grandfather are from johor and he is an Indian people.Then i ask my grandfather why he convert to islam.hehehe...then he said he convert to islam just because he want to married with my grandmother.They meet when my grandfather try to looking and search stipendary...                                      

my grandmother at that time is from a poor family,because of that my grandmother accept to be a stipendary for my grandfather...then after a several grandfather fall in love with my grandmother..until now,they have 13 childs,7 boys and 6 girls.All of their child now success in their live...for me,eventhough how my grandparents meets each other are funny but whatever can be.,just close believes destiny...i think that all can i story to always and happy also...n_n

                                          my grandfaher look like have a problem...hehe

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