Sunday, 11 September 2011

I'm part of Javanese..but I'm not fom Java, Indonesia

A very good day to all my friends. Here, I want to share something my family. As all of you known that I am from Selangor. Both my hometown (kampong) were at Selangor too. My mother’s is at Meru, Klang while my father’s is at Bt. 10, Banting. What I’m going to tell here is that actually both my parents were Javanese and they is speaking Java language still they were young. Maybe, I can speak this language too. Here, I want to tell you a short story of the simple history about both my Java family.

This is one of the picture where all of our big family gathered together

Well, let starts with my mother’s family tree. great-great grandfather actually was one of the Kiyai in Indonesia. That’s why my aunt and uncle was been sent there for further studies in Islamic Religion. Pesantren Darul Najah. They were still young when they were sent there. They had a very struggle living there. As the results, they are an ustaz and ustazah now. That was just a part of my mother’s family tree.

Next, my father’s family tree is not exactly known because my great grandfather was dead earlier and my father never had a chance to ask him about the family tree. I just know that he is a Javanese and lived in Bt. 10, Banting and most of the area in Banting monopolized to the Javanese. He3..

Here some dialogue of Java language that I’d learnt before. I just want to share to all..

Me: Assalamualaikum…kabare?

(Peace be upon are you?)

Uncle Sukar: Waalaikumussalam..waras. Jenenge sopo?

(Peace be upon you too..I’m fine. What’s your name?)

Me: Jengene Alif wak..

(Uncle, My name is Alif..)

Uncle Sukar: Oo..Alif, anok e Noor yo? Belajar nang di?

(Oo..Alif, Noor’s son right? Where do you study at?)

Me: Yo wak..aku belajar nang uia wak. Kat PJ. Kesuwon wak.

(Uncle, I am Noor’s son. Now, I’m studying at UIAPJ. Thank you.)

Uncle Sukar: Samema won.

(You’re welcome)

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