Friday, 2 September 2011

Interracial Love

                                             The Story Teller:My Grandfather

I have some intereting interracial love story to share with you all......I got this story from my beloved grandfather......The story begin like this...

In a housing area named Desa Rahmat,there was a small happy family lived in a small terrace house.It was Pak Hamid's family.He had only a beutifulful daughter named Zulaikha that was about 25 years old.Anywhere she went she would attract the guys because of her charming face.Not only that,she was also a very kind and caring person.Thus,it was not weird why the people there like to mix with her.She was kind to them.Plus,Pak Hamid had given full, perfect religion knowledge to her daughter.Zulaikha was really feminine that could be said she was different from other women in that area.She obey all the ALLAH commands like praying five a day,fasting in the Ramadhan, be kind to parents and many more...........One day,there was a new unmalay family had moved to the housing area just beside Pak Hamid' house.The family was a Chinese.It was Ah Chong's family.He had a son named Chong Hua that was about 26 years old.Pak Hamid lend his hands to them for carrying the furniture into the new house.....LOVE interracial story started when Chong Hua saw Zulaikha for the first sight in front of her house,watering the flowers.He fall in love with Zulaikha.He was attracted with Zulaikha's appearance and attitude that he tried to make friend with her..........Chong Hua was very delighted to know Zulaikha closer.He always went to Pak Hamid's house just to see and talk with her....Not only that,he was atrracted to know and learn about Islam further since he saw Zulaikha was really Islamic person.He tried to learn about Islam from Zulaikha herself and from Pak Hamid too.Day from day...Chong Hua was very interested in Islam.He loved Islam very much sine he found that Islam actualy was the way of life that contained all aspects of life.....At last he made a decission to convert into Islam.He changed his name to Muhammad Abdullah.At first his family did not agree with him,they disputed him to convert into Islam because he would betray their ancestors' religion....but ultimately they accepted him since they noticed that their only son had changed a lot when he started converting to Islam.He had changed from a bad guy to a good person that he did not go out untill midnight anymore.He was kind to his parents..........Muhammad had changed a lot~...and then he decided to get married with Zulaikha who had opened his heart to receive and converted into Islam.....Pak Hamid allowed both of them to get married!Muhammad was very happy,as happy as a lark to get married with Zulaikha..He determined to be a good husband and a good Muslims that obey all ALLAH's command.......Muhammad Abdullah was very grateful for given the chance by ALLAH SWT to open his heart towards ISLAM   (^-^)

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