Sunday, 4 September 2011



hye! see you again! this time i will post about my friend's multiracial family... his name is syahidd and he was my roommate in my former school. her father is indian man and her mother is malay woman... but how they can unite together even both of them is different in race and culture? so, i ask my friend to share about his parent...

mr. haniff (his father) is from kuantan, pahang... while her mother is from gombak... they met each other at university of malaya when her father did his degree in business and management while her mother did her medic...
mr. haniff convert to islam after he done his degree... he married her beloved wife and had 3 children, syafiqq al-hakim, syahidd al-hatim and syafiqah sakina az-zahra... and now this happy family lives happily at gombak... mr. haniff now is a businessman while his wife is a doctor.

although they are different in race and culture but they can live as a family... see their eid's picture? looks sporting right? this show that multiracial in malaysia now become more better and have accepted by our community...

post by - azizi :)

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