Sunday, 4 September 2011


My beloved uncle shared his experiences celebrating Happy Eid in Egypt.He was studying in University Al-Azhar,Egypt from 2003 until 2007.The story begin like this....

He arrived in Egypt three days before Ramadan.He told me he don't know what he want to do to celebrate Happy Eid  because this is first year there.So,on the morning of 1 Syawal,he and his friends went to prayer that held in stadium.He said in Egypt,the peoples will prayer in stadium,fields and wide place.The Eid day starts with a small snack followed by Eid Prayers (Salat al-Eid) in congregation attended by men, women and children.Usually,during Eid,the winter season will occur.He was wearing layers of shirts and pants to minimize cold but it still  cold.After Eid prayer,an Egyptian invited them to his house.Many food has been provided such as arab rice with lamb meat.They will put  olive oil on arab rice.

There is no cakes,ketupat and lemang like in our country.If have food has been posted by their  families in Malaysia for the students there.My uncle and his roomate will cook annually such as meat rice.If the male students want to eat the cakes,they will go to the house female students because female students always make cakes.My uncle told me a male student from Johor like a chef because he always cooking delicious food such as 'mee udang' and laksa Johor annually.His house has been compulsory place for other students especially during Eid.

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