Friday, 2 September 2011

Mix Marriage

My female friend's father

I`m live in Kelantan and there also have mix marriage here. As i recall when I studied at primary school, I have female friend which her father is Malay and her mother is Chinese.So their daughter definitely clever and absolutely pretty especially my female friends.She always got number one in our class. So I asked her about their father and mother, how can they meet each other and so on.

So, the story begin......

For the past 30 years, there are a man going home after work at the city at the evening.He looks so exhausted and tired. He stop at the cafe to buy a water to relieve his thirsty. While he was drinking he saw a chinese woman wearing a skirt stop and enter the cafe,because of the cafe was quite full so she sat at that man table.Then they acquainted each other about their interest,work and religion. Since that time they became closer and always outing together and eat together.Also that women not wearing skirt anymore and always asked about Islam. She want to know detail about it and avoid misunderstood about Islam. So everyday that man teach the woman about Islam and gives the islamic book to her to read and learn.After a year they became really closed and decided to see their parents and talks about getting marriage.
On Monday,the man came to the woman house to see her parents and discuss for wedding..when the man express his intention to request their daughter, they became shocked...after a while they agreed to let their daughter for that man because that man had change their daughter to become more kind and feminine.Both of them were very happy and excited. So after a month, they marriage and get happy until now.

That's all my female friends told me about her father story...and she so grateful for being Muslim

By Zaxs@Destiny

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