Sunday, 4 September 2011

Once upon a time.....

13th may 1969 is a day where the biggest race riots take place in Malaysia. This story had been told by my grandfather’s friend, Tok Mustapha. (No picture as to respect his privacy). During the one of the most remembered Malaysian crisis, he had experienced an unforgettable incident that he would like to share with me. He said that during the crisis, some races went amok and corpses can be seen everywhere in Kuala Lumpur. Even though the events mainly took place in KL, everyone in this nation during that time lived in fear. Despite the slaughtering and merciless killing of other races, there are minority group of people that still have the conscience. Some Malays gave shelter and protection to their Chinese friend to avoid being killed. The same goes for Chinese in the Chinese village where they give aid to their Malays friend in order to prevent them from being one of the victims. Tok Mustapha mentioned that he also provide shelter to his Chinese and Indian friend. Luckily, the riots did not spread through out the nation and Tok Mustapha and friends (Penangites) survived the predicament. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. This proverb suits best with this incident.

Tok Mustapha said that the race riots during 13th of May are the best evidence that racist is not good to the society. Lets put aside all of our dissatisfaction of other races and cooperate together to build a better nation. Nation is built by its people. We must unite despite of race, colour, or religious doctrine. We must UNITE AGAINST RACISM.

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