Sunday, 4 September 2011

come on my story..

During eid, i asked my grandfather to tell me a story about his experience.he laughed.then,he has started his story,

"As a child, I lived in the village near a village mostly inhabited by descendants of citizens of India and several families of Chinese families who worked on the estate nearby.There is a shop in the village,alwayst visited by people from our village.Besides,the shop sell daily necessities, it also has a place to drink tea (the tarik not known yet at that time) and eat bakar.In other word,he shop is a place where we (means that all of villagers)Actually,in this moment,we are interact each other without differentiate our races.Although at the time no longer have slogan "1 malaysia" for unity,but it already exist in our life by its matter what happen,we are united to solve it know ,in man's lfe.there are instincts that are made with the nature of goodwill and friendship and want to befriend to others like what required by God Almighty in order to know the other who coming from the difference people and descent .all nations has felt the impulse.then,my grandfather stop here.that's all.

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