Sunday, 4 September 2011

Interracial relationship??

My Sister - the interviewee

assalamualaikum, happy eidul-fitri and happy independence day all of you!!

Before my friends and I went back for raya hols, we were given a task whereby we need to interview either relatives or friends about their opinions of inter-racial, inter-religious and of course Merdeka Celebration..In this task, I use this opportunity to interview my sis because she is the most oldest sibling and the most reliable source of information that I could get(maybe)..


at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, first day of 'eid~~~ -at tawau, sabah after above tragedy

Me : kak, aku ada assignment kena bagi oleh miss kami tapi, mesti 'speaking' (sorry for this part , hehe).

My sis : Can bha if you..(sabah dialect, hoho)

Me : my sis, i don't want to make it long, so i will make it short.. This is the question, what do you know about interracial relationship?? make it short please..

My sis : interracial?? hmmm............................................. (after moments)...................... we are interracial..

Me : who are "we"??

My sis : our family...

Me : ha?? why?? i thought we are buginese..

My sis : yesss, you're right, we are buginese.. but, can't you see it?? look at your face, you almost look like Raghev(our Indian neighbour since i am 4 years old).. hahahha.. look at Ikmal(my third brother), he is a bajau(one of famous races in Sabah), like my husband.. huhu.. era, a bruneian.. ajie, errr.. dont know.. whatever.. zahid, look like one of those kedayans..we are what you can say interracial...

Me : errr... whatever la sis... but, can you tell more about this interracial thing?

My sis : you know nabil, since i was born(1985), i had been living in a world of interracial.. we are buginese but we never had a buginese neighbour.. i think, our neighbour had consists half of all races in Sabah(for your information, in sabah, there are more than 50 races).. we live with them in pleasant neighbourhoods, interact with many of them.. living harmony in interracial environment had long being seen in Sabah.. it is unnecessary for 1Malaysia in Sabah because we sabahans are already united long time ago.. thanks god Sabah never experienced 13th may 1963 tragedy.. it scared me when i know about that bloody-tragedy..

me : owh, that tragedy.. i hope it won't happen here.. that's right sis,i have various friends.. kadazan,bruneian, bajau, iranun, sungei, dusun.. waaaa, i'm tired to mention thier races one by one.. ok sis, that's all.. thanks!! hehehe

my sis : no sweat my brother! welcome..

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